About Us
About Blueaudios, the brand is collected by many people will and efforts to be contributed in this result. Blueaudios - The sound of wireless. 

We are specialised in manufacuring, trading and exploring business of wireless speakers through Blueaudios management team. We are innovative of bluetooth stereo speakers in recent years. Nowadays, bluetooth speakers have become one of the most important roles in audio equipement for computers users, mobile phones users, home entertainment audio appliances. The Blueaudios management team will continue this success and carry much efforts on the dream era of NO-NEW-WIRE. In addition, we hope most customers can enjoy wireless sound brought by Blueaudios Speakers.

At last, we also are much appreciated that more and more customer have bought Blueaudios speakers and heard of that very good news they are enjoying a flexible, wirless and comfortable life brought by Blueaudios.  Finally thank for most of ours supporting distributors and help us to make a great sale now, and also for most distributors to take the same business with us in the near future.

OEM Project

Wireless speaker is the future. Wireless you& wireless me!

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